Tray loaders, feeding systems, single-purpose machines

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Stacking machines
Single-purpose machines

Lifting equipments

Lifting devices are designed for vertical lifting of goods in industry shelf and rack systems in storage accommodations. Lifting devices are supplying in self contained or shelf version . Self contained version include the own structure which is fixed to the floor and ceiling (eventually into the side wall). Shelf version used the shelf structure as a supporting frame and at the same timethe lifting cab is inserted into shelf well. Lifting devices are applieded in all shelf systems.

The chain tackle is applied like the lifting actuator. Lifting device is controlled by buttons located in each floor position with the move indication.

Number of stations: 2-4 floors
Load lifting cage: 350, 500, and 1000 kg
Cage dimensions: according to specification
Lifting speed: 0.13 m / sec

Conveyers and addressing transport systems

The company manufactures and supplies the wide range of conveyers as follows:
belt (direct, corner type 90°, 180°)
chain (direct, corner type, rotary type)
roller (horizontal, vertical)
special models
Conveyers are delivered separately and with system configuration with electrical and/or programme regulation with possible continuous speed regulation.

Conveyors are supplied separately and system configuration with electrical or software control with variable speed control.

Plastic crusher for further processing

Granulators for plastics

Magnetic transport systems

Magnetic transportation and orientation systems of cans.

Magnetic transportation systems are designed for vertical and horizontal transportation of cans various sizes and forms. Transportation lines can be located in optional space, across various barriers and directions. Operative element is transportation cable with 10 mm diameter.

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lifting equipment
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plastic crusher
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conveyor belt
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magnetic conveyor